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33 Jeremy Dr. Rt 9
Chesterfield, NH
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About Parker's Auto And Our History

Parker's Auto owner Jeremy Parker was first introducted to auto body and repair work during 1975 while working in the field of retail. The first vehical Jeremy worked on was a 65 Chevy Van assisting an experienced auto body professional. Realizing that he enjoyed the work Jeremy made an inquiry about employment that was accepted, which began his career in auto mechanics and auto body work. For the following 5 years between 1975 and 1980 Jeremy trained under an experienced professional learning to perform auto body and automotive repair the correct way.

Then in 1980 Jeremy changed jobs and went to work for another auto body and repair shop where he remained until 1983. At that time a friend suggested that he build his own shop where he could both work for himself, and also include boat painting into his services. After careful consideration the decision was made to move forward and in 1983 Auto Tech was born. Gaining in knowledge and experience Jeremy worked alone for the first 3 years, during which his growing reputation for doing excellent work increased business to the point where he needed to hire additional help. Again, Auto Tech continued gaining in both customers and reputation.

As time passed and the year 2005 arrived Jeremy's son Jeff joined the Auto Tech crew of professionals. For over 10 years now Jeff has been working along with Jeremy as a father and son team contributing to both the work and administration of Auto Tech. Then in 2015 Auto Tech was renamed to Jeremy's Auto, a change in name only while continuing to offer the same top quality services as always.

Says Jeremy Parker "regarding the future of Parker's Auto I see automobiles becoming increasingly difficult to service due to the growing complexity of design, and reliance on onboard computer systems. For that reason Parker's Auto continues to invest in both state of the art equipment, and the knowledge to quickly and accurately diagnose problems to insure timely, quality repairs."

"Our goal for Parker's Auto is not to grow into a huge shop because as you grow quality typically goes down, but rather to maintain the highest degree of quality and our earned reputation for excellence. We always want our customers to feel like we have serviced them in a timely manor and that we have repaired their vehical correctly the first time."


Owners Promise

Dear Visitor,

Jeremy Parker, OwnerYour auto shop should be a trusted friend; a place you can trust your vehicle for excellent work, caring service, and value. At Parker's Auto we promise to listen and care. We will go the extra mile to do the job right, at a fair price, and in a manor that will keep your interests first. Whatever need you may have from auto repair to auto body we promise to meet your needs by providing solid, quality service. I invite you to contact us today.

Best Wishes,
Jeremy Parker / Owner

Technet Automotive Services
Technet Automotive Services
As a Technet member Parkers Auto is committed to making sure you have a professional and pleasant automotive service experience. Our Technet partnership provides you with 24 Month / 24,000 Mile Nationwide protection. Because each shop is locally owned you can count on their expertise and dedication.

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